May 11, 2016
2 years, 1 Month and 12 days since
the event.
Howdy Wranglers,

Family and Friends!!
In celebration of our school's

10 year anniversary,

this year's fun run (newly named the Wrangler Round Up) will be held during our school's fun-filled 10 year anniversary week and is going to be our most exciting event yet!

Thanks in part to our amazing sponsors, students will be participating in an obstacle course with multiple endurance stations including: army crawls, tire flips, wall climbs and  much more!.

Up to 100% of the money raised from this event will go directly back to the school to improve technology assets, including putting more iPads into every classroom, and provide much needed resources to all the teachers and staff.

It is going to be a fun-filled week and as our biggest fundraiser of the year, we need YOUR help to make it a success!

We are looking for VOLUNTEERS for the Fun Run!  Please SIGN UP HERE.